work NOUN 1) activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result. 2) such activity as a means of earning income. 3) a task or tasks to be undertaken. 4) a thing or things done or made; the result of an action. 5) (works) (treated as sing. ) chiefly Brit. a place where industrial or manufacturing processes are carried out. 6) (works) chiefly Brit. operations of building or repair. 7) Military a defensive structure. 8) (works) the mechanism of a clock or other machine. 9) Physics the exertion of force overcoming resistance or producing molecular change. 10) (the works) informal everything needed, desired, or expected.
VERB (past and past part. worked or archaic wrought) 1) do work, especially as one's job. 2) set to or keep at work. 3) (of a machine or system) function, especially properly or effectively. 4) (of a machine) be in operation. 5) have or bring about the desired result: her plan worked admirably. 6) bring (a material or mixture) to a desired shape or consistency. 7) produce (an article or design) using a specified material or sewing stitch. 8) cultivate (land) or extract materials from (a mine or quarry). 9) move gradually or with difficulty into another position. 10) (of a person's features) move violently or convulsively. 11) bring into a specified emotional state.
get worked up — Cf. ↑get worked up
have one's work cut out — Cf. ↑have one's work cut out
in the works — Cf. ↑in the works
work in — Cf. ↑work in
work off — Cf. ↑work off
work on/upon — Cf. ↑work upon
work out — Cf. ↑work out
work out at — Cf. ↑work out at
work over — Cf. ↑work over
work one's passage — Cf. ↑work one's passage
work to rule — Cf. ↑work to rule
work up to — Cf. ↑work up to
work up — Cf. ↑work up
DERIVATIVES workless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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